Calling all dirty girls!

The 'Popular' brush. By Mason Pearson

The ‘Popular’ brush. By Mason Pearson

That was a cheap headline.  Did it work? Are all the dirty girls reading? Or just the people wanting to read about dirty girls?

Never mind.  If you’re wondering whether to keep reading – I’m talking to all the dirty girls who can’t be bothered washing their hair because there is other stuff to do.

(90% of audience stops reading).

*Liberty proceeds undeterred*

Hey guys, hows it going? I heard about a woman from this blog called Lulastic.

She has a bestselling book about…. (wait for it)……. ‘Not washing your hair’!

You’re thinking, sister, please.  I don’t need a book about that.  I already had a week’s headstart on the ‘not washing’ programme, and I didn’t have to read instructions to do it.  It involved a ponytail and several days of concentrated inattention.  Quite easy.

Anyway – her book ‘Happy Hair- the definitive guide to giving up shampoo’ is a bestseller on Amazon and while I’m pleased that people are really getting into this, I’m also amazed at just how much there is to know about not using shampoo.

It seems to properly ‘not do something’ we need to switch to a new regime of doing other things, slowly backing off until actually ‘not doing the original thing’ becomes second nature. That’s just how trained we have become to obsess over our body maintenance/cleaning regimes,  (and probably says something about why it is more effective to replace one habit with another similar habit and phase it out, than it is to just drop a routine altogether.)

Anyway, Brava to Lulastic for writing this book.  She absolutely deserves the success because anything that brings back a modicum of objectivity to the way we live as humans (and questions the need for expensive chemical products) deserves all the recognition it can get.

And if you think the hair product industry has not completely gone off the deep end? There is now a range of hair products from a big shampoo giant called ‘Discipline’ that promises to give ‘control without rigidity’.  The pitch goes thus:

‘The researchers took to heart women’s desire for ‘obedient’ hair that does exactly what they want it to do.  In perfect affinity with their personalities.’

I’ve heard of split ends and frizziness, but naughty hair?  that’s a new one.

Besides, disobedient hair sits quite well with dirty girls.  The basic premise behind not using shampoo, is that hair is naturally self cleaning* if it’s given a chance to operate without interference.  You can help it along with scalp massages and hot water rinses, baking soda (to replace shampoo) and apple cider vinegar (to replace conditioner).  There are also dozens of great natural treatments you can concoct out of lemons, eggs, avocado etc etc if you’re the sort that enjoys doing hair spas.  

There is definitely a teething period where your hair will enter a twilight zone.  It will probably become greasier than you might be comfortable with.  The oil is not technically ‘dirty’.  It’s simply an overproduction of the oil that is regularly stripped by shampoo and then temporarily replaced by conditioner. You can help redistribute it by brushing with a good hairbrush through to the ends.  If it gets really greasy you can massage baking soda into the roots and rinse out. If you push through the 5 week barrier of readjustment, your hair starts to settle into producing a normal and natural level of gloss, and then you can get on with your life.

Not washing your hair gives it great texture and volume.  Even better if you swim in the sea because the salt water makes it look alive! Great if you want high hair that stays in place when you’re trying to put it up in a insouciant sort of bun or need a bit of help with back combing.

I’m about 2 weeks into this process and seriously – my hair is just fine thanks.  Feels thicker, more malleable and more springy.  Not limp or greasy.

Besides, the Lulastic girl has gorgeous hair.  And she hasn’t used shampoo in years. Years !

Ditching shampoo won’t make you rich necessarily, but it sure is one less thing you have to spend money on. With the intergalactic price tags on most salon products this is not a trifle of a sum.  The endless cycle of using shampoo and conditioner creates a dependency.  And who can be bothered with that?  

Don’t be scared grasshopper.  Experiment.  Figure out what your hair actually does when left to it’s own devices.  I assure you that no one is inspecting your head with a magnifying glass. You have absolutely nothing to lose!

And when your shower floor is clear of the debris of about 11 different half-empty shampoo and conditioner bottles and your mind is clear of the tyranny of hair washing – you can go recline in a cape cod chair and gaze peacefully into the middle distance.


You’re welcome.


*The self cleaning thing is not made up. The Sydney harbour bridge is self cleaning.  You can get ovens that are self cleaning. Cats are self cleaning.  Even your ear canal is self cleaning.

6 thoughts on “Calling all dirty girls!

  1. May

    Oh I tried to give up shampoo – used baking soda and apple cider vinegar. Didn’t work out so well but I have heard others have done it.

    Oh BTW you have been nominated for a Liebster award:

    1. Post author

      Hey wow – thank you! I’m very touched. Answers and nominations to follow in next post. ps. You can still be a dirty girl even though you wash your hair :-)

  2. debs@debtdebs

    Will be interest to know how your no-poo goes. I want to try but I’ve seen two so far who tried and didn’t make it but gave it a good shot. Only success story I know of is my nephew.

    1. Post author

      yep will update in a month’s time. I think the main thing is to experiment and stay persistent through the weird stage….

  3. Lulastic

    Hehehe, great post!
    So many people have tried No Poo and failed that I wanted to write a book that really equipped people with the science of No Poo (yep, it is all about chemistry!) – hopefully people will have far better success once they know about their sebum :DDD


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