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The best antidote to financial lethargy


…..Is moonlighting.

It’s another gig.  And it gets you there faster.

It’s cheating on your day job with another job.

Moonlighting lets you experiment with an alter ego.  the more adventurous one, the unfulfilled nerd. Or the desperate furious one who wants nothing more than to get out of a dead end situation.

It adds mystique to one’s character.  You have a day job – so what.  But at night you get to put on a cape and clock on with whatever umpteen extra ways there are to make extra cash.  You don’t have to tell anyone the details.

Moonlighting reminds you that income is fluid, not fixed.  it ranges from zero to infinity and beyond!, and that you are the single greatest influencing factor in that number.

Moonlighting while working full-time can make you so exhausted you suddenly appreciate how precious money is.  And what it takes to earn it.  It consumes your days so you don’t have time to spend money on the stuff you would usually spend it on.  Working two or three jobs can become so intolerable that you realise you need to overhaul your entire life.  Which is also good.

It reminds you that there is not one path or one job.  Moonlighting can start as a hobby, then mutate into a side gig, and then a business.  With nothing at stake, you can kick it around, see if it fits, give it up and try something else.  Nothing lost.

At the very least, moonlighting is simply a cash creation exercise that provides the security to leave a crap job and look for something else.  It creates that magic amount of ‘f*ck you’ money that gives you the confidence to finally ride away on your horse, laughing, into the sunset.

Some people do nothing but moonlight.  They have fingers in about five pies.  they are just showing off.

Moonlighting might show you what you really want – or it could send you screaming away from what you don’t.

Moonlighting can take a nasty gnawing tension out of your gut caused by not know how the rent will be paid.  It can carry you through university, get you out of debt, keep you from falling into debt, make you slide into bed exhausted, and richer.  More determined.

Moonlighting is for everyone.  Teenagers moonlight with a paper-run and baby sit for coin. Burnt out managers moonlight to change course when the ennui white noise becomes too loud.  Silver foxes moonlight to stay in the game.

It’s more profitable than an affair, more challenging than watching TV, and less effort than continually telling yourself that your situation is special and impossible for the following reasons.

Trust me, it’s not.

On that note I’m going to do some research and offer up some moonlighting ideas for you…

Stand by!