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Self propelling woman replaces man with motor


This liddle bewdy is the Easycut 350 reel mower, approximately $100 from Bunnings.  (An updated version of the sort of thing you might have seen your dad or granddad using.  It paid for itself in about 6 weeks (each fortnightly lawn-mowing session cost $30)

Until now I have paid someone else to mow the lawn.  For a while it felt good to see the truck turn up.. one less job to do, I even felt a bit smug that I didn’t even ‘have’ to mow it. Oh we have STAFF to mow the lawn… for goodness sake I wouldn’t know the first THING about those contraptions etc… 

And then I realised that paying someone else was, in short, not required.  And possibly merely a case of laziness on my part.  Lazy, Moi? hard to believe I know.

The best part is this:

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the sound of dozens of grass blades beheaded at once is more gratifying than I ever expected.