Call it anything but saving


Saving money is a virtue. A chore, a necessary evil.  Something your parents tell you to do, something that kills good times and disposable cash.  It’s the retirement plan at work that has no relevance to your actual life, the investment statement that gets filed away without being read. It represents a day so far away that it may as well be never. Savers are unimaginative, goody two shoes, killjoys, with no sense of spontaneity.

Want to hear a secret ? Savers are actually dirty little thrill-seekers.  I have to confess, I am a rabid, disgusting, voracious greedy saver. Nothing turns me on more than seeing a little number on a piece of paper grow larger.  I am addicted to saving and I simply can’t help myself… Oops! I did it again.  Just put away some more.  What a filthy depraved beast I am.

How did I fall into this spiralling out of control habit?

Well, I want to retire ASAP,  and I need money to do it!  I want to skip into the horizon, laughing as the rest of my life becomes utterly under my control.  I want to decide whether Monday is a working day or a sit around in the sun day.  The paradox being that saving and investing enough money ultimately ends up giving the maximum amount of spontaneous opportunities. Far more than the ‘carefree’ person who spends from paycheck to paycheck.

Of course people are happy to discuss at length the cool stuff they have spent money on.  But I haven’t been to many social engagements where people discuss savings rates.  And so the savers remain lurking, smiling, in the shadows.

If you want to get your own filthy little saving habit going, then let’s jazz it up a bit. Don’t call it saving – call it anything but that.

Imagine that each dollar is a doubloon.  If you were to hold it, the surface would gleam and feel warm and heavy in your palm like old school pirate pieces.  Now each puck of gorgeous gold gets stashed into a large treasure chest. Haha! rub your hands like a pirate! throw it up in the air! Mine all mine etc etc.

If that doesn’t turn you on,  think of those fundraising thermometers with the rising red numbers. Instead of a school or a charity getting the pleasure of adding each layer of mercury, draw your own personal thermometer and fill it in with layers of red felt pen until the magic number is reached.

Imagine you are feeding and nurturing a ferociously protective creature that lies waiting to do your bidding. A phoenix! or a tiger that gets increasingly stronger, more feathery and with sharper claws, each time you make a deposit.

Think of something that excites you. Cream cakes or crackling,  or vintage watches, whatever. Now imagine a pile of that growing every time you add a deposit or check your bank balance.

You get the picture, do it however you want – Just don’t spend it!!

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