My Qualifications

Allow me to present my credentials:


This is my first diary.  Received Christmas day 1988.  I was 9.

I wrote in it nearly every day and when it filled up I started another one, and then another and another. these books are probably the most precious, incriminating things I own.

Of course the content was largely trivial, hormonal, bitchy, self pitying, repetitive and trite.  But some of it was quite good…

for example:

”Hi, I am writing this watching Missy our darling pussycat scramble under my dolls bed, she used to be able to jump around in it when she was little but now she’s a great big lout and can’t fit under it.  Charlotte’s going to have a haircut today – I haven’t seen it yet but I think it’s going to look PUKE!!”

”Me and Stef are having a tidy room contest – I bet I will win and take his 20 cents HAHA!’

Top shelf stuff right????

I wrote pretty much every day for 16 years, until I went to live in London and figured I couldn’t risk writing down anything that someone might read, and hold against me.

Now, at the queenly age of 35, I think – screw it. I’m allowed to write.

The great thing about a blog is that you don’t need permission from a boss or editor or anyone else..

The only qualification you need is that you like to go tap tap tap on your little typewriter.

Everything else is gravy.




2 thoughts on “My Qualifications

  1. J. Money

    Haha…. love it. Refreshing take on money so far after poking around as well. And I should know, I scan/read over 150 articles on finance a day!

    Keep pouring your heart into it and having fun :)

    1. Post author

      Hey, thanks very much J.Money. You are also incidentally the first person to comment on my blog! I am very happy. Liberty


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