Periods. Liberated!


It’s pretty hard to improve on menstruation right ladies?  I mean, there is blood, which is cool. There are dozens of potential side effects which range from curious to incapacitating.  It freaks the boys out, haha!  It’s a symbol of your capacity as a woman to make an actual human being INSIDE your BODY with NO VOLUNTARY EFFORT!  Can it get any more spooky and awesome?

Well trust me, you can dramatically improve your period.

If you’re a woman who menstruates, then a Mooncup is hands down the best thing you will own. The sort of thing you’ll rescue from a burning building or take in a survival kit to a deserted island. It’s the top piece of kit in your arsenal of period paraphernalia, along with comfortable old knickers, a calendar and a blanket.

I cannot praise this invention highly enough.  It is the most elegant, efficient, nifty little friend that greets you with humble service every month.  A small re-useable cup that deals with high flow or low flow,  is totally invisible once inserted and never leaks.  

What’s the catch?? Well, there is none.  Okay, you will definitely need to touch IT*, which shouldn’t be too much of an ask… surely?  And yes, there is blood, which is a bit more visible since you are just catching the fluid rather than absorbing it.

Don’t freak out! You’re doing well – just let the idea percolate for a bit.  Let me hit you with some more irresistible selling points…..

Freedom: to never buy pads or tampons again!  It gives me great pleasure to not hand over money  every month to companies that profit from creating a prissy avoidance and queasiness around a very simple natural process, Not to mention vast amounts of unnecessary waste…

(Although while on the topic of tampons I do quite enjoy Courtenay Cox’s star turn in this fabulous 1985 Tampax commercial)

Enough storing, transporting and smuggling bulky products into the loo, then flushing ever more sanitary waste into our seas and waterways… not to mention the wrappers, applicators, and packaging.

The Mooncup is made of medical grade silicon, which means you aren’t at risk of toxic shock syndrome. (something that has been associated with tampons)

If the idea seems weird or not really suited to you, that’s totally understandable.  It is quite a paradigmatic shift to move from something you have used without question possibly since you were 12.  I urge you to just put it in your back pocket as a possibility.  Something you could someday maybe look at again.

Curious? There are countless rave reviews on the Mooncup site, along with every possible question answered.

If you’re intrigued and ready to learn more about this fabulous product then click here:

(You should know that I have signed up as an affiliate for the Mooncup and will receive a small fee for any purchase you make by clicking the link.  I would never support any product which I do not wholeheartedly believe in.  Cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye. Seriously, I would be a door to door saleswoman for this thing)

*Your vagina.




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