Red Herrings


I thought of that scene in Labyrinth – where Jennifer Connelly gets her old toys thrust at her by the bag lady, who is trying to trick her into forgetting about rescuing her baby brother TOBY!!!  It takes her a while to twig, but then she realises she needs to bust through the false ceiling and do what she was meant to do – ie  have a standoff in an Escher- style castle against David Bowie while he sings accusingly at her. (hey – everyone has a different path)

That’s what we are all dealing with all the time… shiny things, new things, sentimental stuff, baggage and toys and distractions, Falling down rabbit holes, self medicating, justifying, avoiding, blaming, wishing, complaining, auto pilot habits, and then – shit – what was I supposed to be doing again?

Oh yes, only figuring out what I really need and want. And then doing that.

Red herrings can be very pleasurable and seem entirely appropriate.  They can be as simple and insidious as a few hours a night of forgettable TV, or several decades lost in a soul destroying job.

Sometimes red herrings are guilty little vices.  Sometimes they are things we do for show, in the hopes that someone is watching and will approve.  Red herrings placate and distract and avoid.

The problem is, if life is full of red herrings then when do you suppose actual life happens? The ways the days are filled is how the days play out.  There is no other alternative or any guarantee of a parallel universe or second chance.

We don’t have much time.  We are all going to be dead later or sooner.  Time to go and kick some David Bowie ass.


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