Remove Lounge Acne

Here’s what you do….

1) Take a clean damp cloth and dust the top of your TV.  Rub the back too – gets dusty doesn’t it!  Spray a bit of window cleaner on the screen and give it a nice shine.

2) Now take a photo of your television.  Note down the brand name,  and specifications or special features it has.  Even better if you can find the user manual.

3) Now, turn the power off at the wall and unplug that hulking black piece of living room acne.

4) Load up trademe (or Ebay if you don’t live in New Zealand) and list that sucker.  Put a reserve price of maybe one third of the original purchase price, depending on how old it is.

5) Take the proceeds from the sale and sock it away into your investment money pile, which is growing at an ever increasing rate…

6) Congratulate self!   Your lounge can now be used for sitting, talking, reading, or rolling aimlessly around in.  The space where your TV was once stinking up the joint, can now make room for a chair, a pot plant, a bookshelf or a fireplace.  Or an aquarium.

I swear with absolute conviction that your life will improve in many different ways as a result.

If this is sounding extreme – then perhaps baby steps could help:

-Throw an old sheet over the television.  Forget what is under the sheet.

-Unplug the TV and put it in a wardrobe or in the garage.  Leave it there for a week, then a month, then for a year.  At the end of a year, when you have finally realised I’m right, refer back to step 1.

Please note, the above does not indicate that I am ‘against’ good, well made TV programmes, or modern culture. Rather that 95% of what is being shown is not really worth owning a TV for. Especially when it tends to dominate the visual and mental focus of one (or more!) of your main living spaces…

I am also not advocating that you stop watching all visual media… You are now simply far more selective of what you watch and will seek out the good stuff.  If there is an excellent show – you will hear about it, and can watch it on a laptop or computer, replay on demand etc…. )

Just get rid of it – I dare you! ….and tell me how you get on…?


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