Spending Tourettes, Crab clawing and other expressions

Here are some lesser known financial terms you might like to brush up on.

  • Spending Tourettes: a mental spasm or sneeze of the brain, which results in last minute till-side spending.
  • Crab-Clawing: The phenomenon of small children extending their chubby pincers and putting random items into your trolley while you’re distracted.  You will find the bag of rainbow coloured pot scourers only on your return home.
  • Bill-Settling Ballet: Ritualistic jostling between two people who insist on paying for each other.
  • Accidental investing: The practise of turning your previous residential home into a rental property because you can’t be bothered selling it, with the vague hope of making a profit through circumstance rather than due diligence. (or maybe this just applies to me?)
  • The $2 shock -  Getting armfuls of crap at the $2 shop because it’s all so cheap! and realising you’ve just blown nearly $100 in total.
  • Boredom torture up-sell – the willingness to part with any amount of money as long as you can stop reading small print, or face yet another minor decision or distinction in a tedious yet necessary purchase.  (common with insurance, mortgages, car repairs)
  • Kinder surplus – the tendency to buy expensive nostalgic toys or clothes for children.
  • Sloppy shopping – shopping while intoxicated.  As in ‘I headed out after a boozy lunch for a spot of sloppy shopping’.
  • Landfill – A purchased item that is wrong in every way possible except the price.

There are many more……Can you add to the list?





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