This red lipstick proves that I am going grey entirely on purpose


Here at Liberty Loves Company we (ie me) are all about embracing lazy ways to look good.  By Lazy I don’t mean ‘Hey yo, I just skipped step 2 of my 4-part cleanse/tone/exfoliate/moisturise skincare regime and I’m ready to rob a bank!’

But more like, would anyone notice if I slipped this big, knotted, unwashed mess of hair into a ponytail as long as I act like an off duty model?

(Please note this is not the same thing as ‘giving up’.  Giving up refers to a state of mind where you feel bad on the inside, and feel that you look bad on the outside, and that there is no point in even trying to feel good about how you look….another post entirely)

Anyway, yada yada, what I am trying to say is that I am trying to avoid going to the hairdresser to make myself blonder/cover up grey hairs etc, because it increasingly feels like an expensive sisyphean task.

For a while I tried thinking of getting my hair done as a ‘necessary luxury’.  I would sit in the chair for several hours, bored to sobs, compulsively reading magazines and making small talk with the hairdresser.  Then for the pleasure I would pay a not insignificant sum and enjoy my hair for a few weeks before the roots and grey hairs inevitably started showing again.  I suspect that for lots of people (especially females) we tell ourselves that pumicing our heels or lasering all of our armpit hair off or applying fake tan is  some kind of satisfying leisure activity when often it’s just yet another self maintenance chore we feel obliged to do to feel socially acceptable or whatever we think beautiful is.

I realised that I was annoyed that I felt obliged to go to the salon even when the solution was so short lasting.

So I thought, fuck it.  And stopped going.  And bought some red lipstick instead.

I justified the spending (yes I know it’s mental accounting) by the fact that it cost $40 as opposed to at least $200 to get my hair hi-lighted each time – which ends up costing upwards of $600 a year.) 

It is a MAC matte shade called ‘Ruby Woo’ and is apparently one of their best selling classic red shades.  It’s red like a vintage siren and impossible to ignore.

The look I’m aiming for is eccentric magazine editor, art teacher at private school, or vintage furniture store owner.

Took a bit of adjusting to, especially when Eldest didn’t even recognise me at the school gate because I looked ‘fancy’. 

But the real pleasure is in the easy speed of it.  Apply lipstick, throw on some specs if you really want to look like the real deal, and the face is furnished!

Besides, how can anyone accuse me of ‘not trying’ when I so clearly have dramatic make up on!

I love a genuine beauty routine hack.

Footnote: – This post is a tribute to my dear friend Joanna who has been owning red lipstick for quite a while now, (in her case MAC ‘Lady Danger’) and inspired me to join her.

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