When Attempted Fraud is Funny


Nigerian advance fee fraud emails are not new – but they are still amusing and almost endearing in their elaborate and outlandish construction.

Scamorama has some brilliant examples, including several epic scam-baiting exchanges.

I would love to know what the success rate is for this sort of cold call email.

Here’s one I received yesterday -


I am directed to contact you because i was told that you know a good investment company who can help me to invest my funds. i need an investment company who can help me sign funds collection with UBA Bank. I have the funds release form with me, what i need to do is send to the investment company to contact the UBA Bank and sign the funds collection.

Please i need you to help me. I have proof of funds for this investment. I am the first wife of the late former central bank of Nigeria governor and my name is Mrs.Ebere Mercy Smith.

I am having little problem with my government and i want to go out of the country to invest my funds. my late husband did business with governors of Korea which gave him a lot of money and my government is questioning my late husband funds.

My late husband have funds in different account in Swiss Bank and royal bank of Canada but my government have confiscate my late husband funds in Swiss Bank account and royal Bank of Canada.

I am having just $60,000,000.00 Million in UBA Bank which my late husband deposited funds in my name secretly and below is my UBA bank account statement.

I have access to communicate with my bank officer in UBA Bank and i need a foreign partner who can receive these funds and invest into a good profitable investment.

I need to hear back from you soon.

I hope I can trust you?

Do you have a company of your own? Or can you get me a company? I ask this so that we can invest together and you will manage my funds secretly.

I need this information’s to process the funds with the UBA Bank.

Full Name

Address/Company address

Tel/Fax Numbers


If we can achieve this, none of our generation will suffer; please don’t let this opportunity pass us.

Write back soon please.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs. Ebere Mercy Smith

My Telephone No: +7069498935

Sorry Mrs Ebere Mercy Smith – you’ll have to get up earlier than that to pull that much wool over Liberty’s eyes.

Although 60 million big ones is a lot of money…… hmmmmm

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