Writing: When no one is reading


At time of writing, this blog currently has zero (0) readers…

This is not surprising because it is brand new and no one knows it exists – not even family or friends.  Perhaps it is possible to write for a long time without anyone ever seeing it, like an errant natural vacuum or a pocket, like the space between the car seat and the middle console where parking tickets, plastic knives and hair sit around indefinitely.  Those places surely exist everywhere on the internet.  Discarded blogs, forgotten domains, half built engines at the bottom of the sea.

It does feel a bit surreal though – anyone can read the internet, yet no one is reading my internet.  It feels simultaneously self-conscious, and entirely private.  I am winking at a girl in the dark, pissing in the wind, writing a message in a bottle and tossing it seaward.   Assuming the blog becomes exponentially popular and wildly subscribed, then we are at a seminal moment.  The content could grow, and feed on itself, And I would smile fondly at the early days.  Or I could eventually use any excuse not to write, and stop.  Because let’s face it, if I just wanted a journal – I would just write in a paper diary at night and keep it under my mattress.

Doing something when you’re not sure of a destination or outcome, or being spurred on by comments or clicks or money,  or compliments, or recognition, feels a bit funny. It feels like the next step is to ‘grow a readership’ or ‘monetise the site’ or even find a dominant subject matter.  But I know doing that would not be starting right. It would feel cynical and contrived,  and all of you know dear readers (all ZERO of you!) know that Liberty is not about that.   You would smell that a mile off.  And we don’t want to frighten the horses.  Especially not the horse writing this post.

Too much of everything starts with the end in mind.  This blog needs to be free to be marginal, unpopular, and god forbid, unread.  It just needs to be a mechanical discipline.  Later on it can be something else.

And so I’ll keep writing and not think about the rest of it.

PS.  The first person to read this blog and post a comment will win a prize – not sure what yet but it will be totally awesome and you will be glad you stumbled on liberty-loves-company!

Footnote: Last night I dreamt that the first person to ever leave a comment on this blog was Kim Dotcom.  Stay tuned….


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